our trip to south dakota: resting, recharging, and finding the lone coffee place in town.

I realize I've been all over the map lately, posting on random topics at random  times.  And I haven't forgotten to finish up telling you about our trip to South Dakota!  So today's erratic post is about our third day at Todd's parents' house a few weeks back.


This day was basically spent at home, exploring and resting.  Todd went to get the kids up in the morning, and was greeted by this awesome sign, waiting for him at the top of the stairs:

Then Todd's mom made everyone breakfast.  I swear they get more excited about the food than any other part of our yearly trips out there.  "Grandma Jacqi lets us PICK what we get for breakfast!"

Once the kids had eaten breakfast, they headed outside to go exploring.  Todd's dad took three of the kids out on the ATV to wander the woods behind the house.  There's a fort, an old mine, and lots of wildlife back there, so there was no lack of stuff to see.

After a bit, Todd and Atticus decided to go try to find everyone, so they hiked back there as well.

At lunchtime, Papa and Grandma took over kid duties, and Todd and I headed to the local burger place.  THIS PLACE IS SO GOOD.  Worth the seventeen hour drive for its own sake.  My burger had bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeno jelly on it.  Don't you dare knock it until you try it.

Then Todd and I actually found a coffee place downtown that was open (there is a weirrrrrrd lack of coffee up in them thar hills).  I attempted a decaf Americano - with my fingers crossed, since coffee (even black, no-frills decaf) has been giving me the serious shakes and crashes during this pregnancy.  And everything went A-OK!  So I was doubly glad we found this place.

And after that, we headed back home to rest and just hang out.  I seriously love days like this - resting, recharging, eating cream cheese and jalapenos, and drinking good coffee.  Such a great day!

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todd said...

don't forget the couple we met in the coffee shop who was closing on a bed and breakfast. they offered us a free night's stay the next time we're up there visiting!!!