what does a sixth-time mom register for?

When I only had a couple kids, I assumed that moms of lots of kids have pretty much everything they need when a new baby arrives.  But now, each time we get ready to welcome a newborn, I'm weirdly surprised that we still need stuff - some items of which are a bit more obvious (like diapers) and some I just never would have expected.  Here are some of the things I'm wanting to stock up on this time around.


This one is kind of obvious.  We no longer use cloth diapers, so every time a new little one comes, we have to stock up on disposables again.  My favorite favorite favorite diapers for newbies are Pampers Swaddlers - they are so cottony soft and smell like baby powder, and they don't seem to leak as badly as Huggies.  After they outgrow the NB and size 1s in these, my favorite brand is actually the Aldi kind.  I have never had a kid have a leak or blowout in Aldi diapers.


Again, I like Pampers to start - they're sturdy, they smell good, and they don't come out of the stack in a huge strand, if that makes sense.  When you pull out a wipe, you get a wipe.  You don't get twenty-seven wipes in a huge long wipes-rope.  (Huggies and Walmart brand are both awful in this regard.)  Again, after Pampers, my next favorite is Aldi, though you do get some rope-age action going with those.

Sheets and blankets.

At a certain point, crib sheets have to be retired.  They get covered in nasty stains, or they get so worn out they rip in the center.  Another item that you can never have too many of are those muslin swaddling blankets.  Pretty much every large family mom I asked said they hope to get new muslin blankets each time.


Some gadgets or products have come on the market since I registered for all the 'must-haves' with Atticus.  Things like a Nose Frida, a Rock 'n Play, or one of those infinity-scarf-nursing-cover things are all newer items that look really helpful, and I'd love to try them out.

Replacement items.

Some stuff just gets worn the crap out.  Like our diaper changing pad, for instance.  This is what it looks like with the cover on.

I would like to take a moment to brag that I got this changing pad cover at a garage sale for 12 cents.

Normal, right?  But this is what it looks like with the cover removed.

The plastic is so brittle that it kind of pokes through the cover at this point, and it grosses me out to think that if it gets peed on, the pee will just soak right into that exposed foam.  Blech.  So I'm wanting a new one.

The bouncy seat we got with Atticus has been a lifesaver with all of our babies, but as it has been through five kids, and as it came to us through a friend who found it in a trash heap, I have no idea how many newborns it served in its past life.  It was totally worn out.  Just setting Rocco in it as a newborn made it sag so badly that his back laid flat against the floor.  (Part of that might've been because he weighed 9 lb 11 oz at birth).  We made it work with him, but we'll be getting a new one for Callista.

Other things that get worn out and used up are pacifiers and paci clips, as well as bottles.  When they're cutting teeth, they just chew those things to smithereens.  With Rocco, we had to replace our Pack 'n Play because it was completely worn out.  Car seats expire, and as the still-in-good-standing ones get passed down, the bigger kids need car seats in the next size up.

Updated Gear.

Some stuff has been tried, and has proven itself unworthy of sticking around for a bunch of kids, so it gets replaced.  Things like humongous or noisy gear, or uncomfortable baby carriers, or the goldang Boppy pillow.  (I'm wanting to try out the My Brest Friend pillow which, other than having THE WORST NAME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME, looks amazing.)  Other stuff seems totally worth the upgrade - bouncy seats that BOUNCE THEMSELVES.  Rock and Plays that ROCK THEMSELVES.  You can see where I'm going with this.


This seems weird to put on a sixth-time-mom list, but baby pants are always a necessity.  Have you ever noticed that you frequently get a lot of onesies as gifts, but no pants to go with them?  And then if the baby has a blowout, the few precious pairs of pants you did somehow manage to get your hands on are suddenly stained beyond salvage.  Babies always need more pants.

Anything Cute.

A lot of the stuff a large family mom owns has been uuuuuuuused.  It's functional, but old and faded and stained.  A cute new outfit or hair bow is always welcomed - it's just a way to make poor baby #10-or-whatever feel a little special.  (People assume newborns don't care, but you know what they say about assuming.)

And, just for funsies, I asked other large family moms what they put on their registries, and the following things came up quite frequently:

Lots of muslin blankets
Nice water bottle for nursing mom
Small footprint bassinet
A second pack and play
New clothing for baby in larger sizes (2T+)
Postpartum mama care items, such as
     Sitz spray
     Bath herbs
     Teas and tinctures for boosting milk supply
     Nursing pads
     This crazy, awesome contraption
     Pads (because large family moms are realists)

So there you have it - what on earth a mom could possibly still need to stock up on after having All The Babies!


the jersk. said...

I literally just put the fridet on my registry! it seems sooo much nicer than the sports bottle i used after i lost the small peri bottle.

todd said...

Also, you forgot, all the monies.