'what's up' whenever.

It turns out that I'm pretty bad at staying on top of things by the end of the week.  I always start off Mondays with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor, and by Friday it seems I just kind of can't even.  So, here's another Friday post... on Monday.  Fresh start!  New week!  Still tackling lingering items from last week's To-Do list!  Oh well.

It was actually a pretty smooth, productive week.  I got so, so much checked off the Birth Prep list, which is a huge relief.  I have 20-30 meals tucked away in the freezer, my hospital bag is (finally) packed, the baby car seat is now clean and installed in Todd's car, and my toenails are painted.  I am thisclose to feeling as prepared as a person can be - I still need to take a hospital tour, and arrange for a hospital-grade pump, and we still need to figure out our vehicle situation, so they're not small tasks to check off, but there's at least only a few of them.

In terms of actual pregnancy news, I'm feeling huge and sore, and I'm moving verrrrry slowwwwwly.  I do barely anything at all around the house, and what does get done definitely does not get done quickly.

Um, what else?  I got my hair highlighted last Saturday.  Then again on Thursday, actually.  I got it done, and then discovered it looked really grey, so then I went back and had it fixed.  Normally I wouldn't be picky, but I was like, I cannot look elderly in my 'new baby/hospital' photos.  So I went in again and had her tone it down.

Penelope and I have been keeping up with our bullet journals, which I have every intention of filling you in on soon.  We're both pretty dang excited about how awesome we're finding them.

On Monday, OUR NEW CARPET WAS INSTALLED.  IT IS GLORIOUS.  Of course, I only have 'before' photos, because I'm usually only good for one or the other - never both 'befores' and 'afters.'  So here are some shots of the basement once we got everything cleared out.  (And by 'cleared out,' I mean, dumped in the boys' room, to be moved back out to the family room once it came time to carpet their room.)  I have golden intentions to take 'afters' soon... so we'll see if that happens.  But just know it is beautiful and squishy and soft and not full of someone else's dog's hair, and therefore it is heavenly.

("Before" photos)

Other than that, we spent a lot of time trying to cram in the last few hours we need for school this year.  (Our school year ends June 30, and I didn't have a streamlined 'hours logging' process down for the first 2/3 of the year.  We've done the work, I just hadn't been accurately logging, so now I'm trying to make up for it.  Not ideal.)  It has really helped that we've had Penelope's butterfly garden to occupy our time and attention - her caterpillars arrived a couple weeks ago, and recently made their cocoons.  On Saturday, the butterflies emerged!  What a crazy process.

Most of our free time last week was spent running errands.  I signed the kids up for swimming lessons later this summer, ran to Target to buy some soft new jammies for the postpartum days, and made a trip to the library.  We also made our weekly trip up to the Amish, which you know I love.  But a gal I met tipped me off to a guy who actually makes home deliveries from up there, which I'm seriously considering signing up for.  The products are a bit more expensive that way, and I wouldn't be buying from the same wonderful family I've been buying from this year, which are my hangups.  But thinking about having my Wednesdays freed up, and having everything just dropped off on my doorstep, are reeeeeeeally tempting me to try it out.  Maybe at least for the postpartum days.

WHICH ARE COMING SO SOOOOOOON!  My due date is Friday, guys.  Friday.

And looking ahead to the rest of the week, there's so much I'm still wanting to tell you about:

**Our bullet journals
**More about our days in South Dakota
**Our weekend in Des Moines
**The "Mommy-Kid Dates" I took the kids on this past weekend
**"After" photos of the carpet
**How I'm planning for the postpartum days

And on and on and on... So, because I'm wanting time to post about all this stuff (and for other reasons, too) I'm hoping I at least make it to Friday without going into labor.  I could even stand for a bit of time beyond that to feel fully 'ready.'  I would at least like the chance to take a hospital tour beforehand, so please be praying I have enough time for all of that!


the jersk. said...

new carpet is the BEST! (well tbh, new-not-used house anything is the best)

can we catch up any time this week?

todd said...

i'm so glad you were able to get soooo much crossed off your list this past week.