W.U.W.: 'heads up' edition.

This week has been really full of some really fun stuff, which means I should do a 'what's up weekly' post.  I want to do a 'what's up weekly' post.  But I'm also running super far behind on a bunch of things as a result of all the stuff going on, and I kind of ran out of time.  SO.  This is just my way of giving you a heads up that I will post my typical photo-dump, word-vomit Friday post tomorrow.  On Saturday.

Instead of thinking of it as a tardy post, I'm choosing to see it as a bonus post.  That makes it feel less like I'm unraveling.

So here's to the eager anticipation of tomorrow's post.  This is edge-of-your-seats, holding-your-breath kind of stuff here, people.

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todd said...

i'm still on the fence as far as titillating goes