pregnancy update: 38 weeks. ish. i think.

Have I mentioned before that there is some confusion about my actual due date this time around?  It all started when I mistakenly gave my midwife the wrong 'first day of last period' date.  (How was I supposed to know the exact date off the top of my head?)  So my due date was set as June 30.  But then I got home and realized it should actually be June 25, according to The Math. 

But The Math never does me right - according to The Math, my babies like to overcook.  Every single one of my babies, with the exception of Penelope, was overdue, and even Penelope was only a day early.  Laurelai was twelve days late.  What has been a more accurate predictor of actual arrival date is the 20 week ultrasound - all of the kids showed up one or two days on either side of the ultrasound date.  This baby's ultrasound date is June 23.

So I've been hanging onto that date in my mind as the most realistic day to figure around.  Which means I'm about ten days away, and I'm in total denial.  I even signed up for a composting class at the library on the 24th, because I can't actually wrap my head around the possibility that in single digit days I will be giving birth.

On the one hand, I'm ready.  I have never been in this much pregnancy-related pain before.  Walking hurts, sitting hurts, laying down hurts, rolling over in bed hurts.  I have crazy heartburn and difficulty sleeping.  I get shooting nerve pain and muscle cramps all through my leg and foot at varying times of the day and night.  And I'm still dealing with blood sugar issues, so if I'm not suuuuper disciplined about what I eat, and how often, I get sick.  Plus, I'm getting to that hormonal-grouchy-weepy stage where everything just feels like the worst and no one likes being around me, for good reason.

BUT.  I'm really kind of still hoping to go past my due date, because the longer she stays in there, the longer I can put off actually giving birth and caring for a newborn.  I am familiar enough with the process by now to never, ever utter words like, "I just want to be done being pregnant," or, "Just get this baby out of me."  HECK. NO.

And of course babies are the sweetest and the tiniest and the yummiest smelling.  I know the opportunity for bonding is incredible, and finally meeting this new little life is going to be indescribable.  It's always totally and completely worth it.  That's why I do it all the time.

But if we're just talking about wanting to be done with hardship, I'm just not totally convinced that I'm in the hardest stages yet.  So I'm willing to hold out a bit longer.  Plus, if I am able to make it to that composting class, I'll get a free compost bin, which would be pretty sweet.  So I'm crossing my fingers for a late arrival.  Want to cross yours for me, too?


the jersk. said...

i'm with you, sister. i want him out but at the same time, in is quieter and much easier lol

it's so hard when i say like "ugh prepping for labor!" and someone is like "awww but you'll have a little baby at the end that'll make it worth it!" which. yes. sort of.
ALSO THOUGH i'm recovering from a massive crotch blowout that likely included tons of vomiting and zero sleep for the last nine months and also my body is doing this huge hormonal influx that pretty much makes me a crazy person BUT YES having to care for a new tiny that hangs off my boobs like a rabid badger while simultaneously also not sleeping because it hasn't learned to person yet makes it allllllll worth it. (and let's not mention how extra awesome it is when you have other tiny people to care for.)

(you hear me. i'm beyond psyched for my son. but lawd. talk about a perfect shit storm lol)

coming to you tired from 34 week land,
fingers crossed,

paige said...

Pregnancy is good and hard, and postpartum days will be REALLY good and REALLY hard. I'm just not looking to rush into the next stage quite yet! But I know once she's here, I won't be able to imagine going back to life without her. I like how God has set it up that way!

todd said...

i am cheering for the 29th!!!

the jersk. said...

you are far better at being pregnant than me, haha.

isn't it so weird how soon we will have people that will feel like they've been around forever? i love that thought. i won't be able to recall life without him. so crazy cool.

Heather said...

I had that same pain during Isabelle's pregnancy. Joe still talks about how I moaned in my sleep when I rolled over. She was my biggest baby, so I guess it was the added pressure on my joints? After she was born, the pain was immediately relieved. (Or should I say, replaced with normal post-partum discomfort.) I can't wait to read about Callista's arrival! I love a good birth story.