W.U.W: 'Our First Week As A Family of Eight!' edition.

Well, I think you can probably guess what this week's highlight reel looked like.  But there were a few things that happened that weren't solely related to the arrival of Callista.

Last Friday was our last official day of school for the year (YAY!), and I spent most of the day finalizing school paperwork and working on the kids' portfolios.  While I'm still a little ways off from being totally done with them, I made some really productive headway, and they're looking adorable. 

(I mislabeled his grade and that should say 'Grade 2.'  I am clearly not on top of things to the extent that I'd like to be.)

I'll have to tell you more about the kids' year and their portfolios soon.  Maybe in July I'll do a few posts on our homeschool year, curriculum and routine as we gear up to start the new school year.  We'll see.

Friday night, we did something a little impulsive and weird - we met with our realtor to check out a house we were feeling kind of interested in.  Todd had found the listing online, and it looked really promising.  And we loved it in person!  But, long story short, seeing it and talking things through, it kind of solidified in our minds that we will probably be staying in our current house for the next couple of years, as far as we're able to foresee.  (Church planting life offers no sense of absolutes, so that's subject to change, but that's what we're envisioning right now.)  So it was kind of a bittersweet decision to come to, but it has my wheels turning for some inexpensive ideas to deal with our janky landscaping and the lack of light in our house as it is.

On Saturday, as I hadn't gone into labor yet, I was actually able to attend the composting workshop at the library that I had registered for.  (And my buddy Penelope went with me, too, so we got some quality girl-time in while we sat there listening about how to rot dirt properly.)  It was great, and they even gave out free compost bins to the attendees.  I'm not complaining. 

It's great timing to get started with a compost pile, too, as my raised beds seem to be in need of some help.  Because my beds were installed so late in the gardening season, we were pretty limited on the soil that was available for sale.  And though we amended it with compost and blood meal and bio-char and beneficial microfungus and all kinds of other weird stuff CCUA brought, it seems like we're going to have to work to build it up over the long haul.  Half of my tomato plants, all of my sweet potato slips, most of my squash and all of my okra are dead as a doornail.  Bummer.

Moving on to other news, you know how Sunday went for us - the kids and I were sick, then I went into labor Sunday night.  Since then, most of our news has revolved solely around Callista.  Whom I keep accidentally calling Lolo.  Or Rocco.

We all spent lots of time trying to sleep whenever we could...



...and just staring at her.

I also spent a bunch of time reading, reading, reading.  Have you guys read this book?  Fascinating.  (I like starting an engrossing book when I'm in the hospital with a newborn - that way, when I'm losing sleep at weird times of the night, I at least have some little silver lining to look forward to doing while I'm up.  Survivalism.)

Both Callista and I have already been to the chiropractor for adjustments, and yesterday, Callista had her two-day checkup, so we've been out and about more than I'd like to be able to report by now.  The pediatrician is wanting me to bring her back in for a weight check next week.  The obsession with the baby scale is already starting.  Ugh.

And that was our very abundant, full, wonderful, hectic, overwhelming, perfect week!

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the jersk. said...

she's the cutest little burrito ever. ❤️❤️❤️