our weekend in des moines.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Des Moines to hang out at my parents' new house for the weekend.  We got there late Friday night, and after everyone got up the next morning, all the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing on the bunk beds.

After breakfast, we headed to the zoo for the morning.

I just love it when the kids get to see animals nursing their babies - I feel like it lessens the feeling of awkwardness and the taboo around breastfeeding in general when they understand that this is just how mamas get their babies fed.  Usually we only see it on things like baby animal documentaries, so it was really neat to see this mama giraffe nursing her baby!

Laurelai found a shady spot to ride when she got hot and tired.

After we got home, almost all the kids said their favorite thing to see that morning was the underwater viewing of the seals and sea lions.

Three generations on one (sturdy) bench!

The kids were thrilled to try out the rope bridge...

I, on the other hand, was hesitant to test the weight limits.

It turns out, the rope bridge IS strong enough to withstand the weight of a small, pregnant bus.  Whew.  I look relieved-slash-annoyed at how hard it was to get up that slight incline.

Once we got home, the kids were pretty tuckered out, so they spent a while couch thumping, then headed outside to play in the massive tree in my mom's yard.

Then the kids played yard games for a bit before dinner.  I just love how stoked Finneas is in these photos.

How "summertime" is this?!

 Then, before bed, the kids got to play around with some sparklers.  Ever-cautious Atticus wasn't sure about them right at first.  Laurelai, on the other hand, almost caught everyone (including herself) on fire countless times because she was so reckless in her excitement.  It's so funny how kids can be so different.

(I will say that Atticus did come around eventually.)

After that, the kids all had baths and went to bed, and the next morning we visited my sister's church, which was amazing! We loved it.  Then we had lunch at my parents' and headed home.  Such a fun weekend!


todd said...

nothing says, "Finneas," like the word, "stoked!"

todd said...

I think Strong's concordance would agree that "zeal" can properly be translated as "stoked!"