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This week was not quite the 'slow reintroduction into real life' that I prefer to keep to after coming home from being away.  We got home late last Thursday night, and as we were rolling into town, both Todd and I were pretty sure we were coming down with a stomach bug.  Todd was breaking out in cold sweats, I was insanely nauseous.

Todd worked all day Friday, even though he felt awful, and I stayed on the couch, staring at the piles of laundry and suitcases and backpacks and trash from the van.  Saturday morning was spent basically doing the same.  By the afternoon, we were feeling better, but I was still staring down all the shrapnel from the trip.

Sunday morning, everyone was feeling great.  Todd was scheduled to preach, I was scheduled to coach in children's church, and we actually made it out the door in time!  Everything was going pretty smoothly until Atticus passed out in the middle of worship.  One minute he was singing, the next, he was walking and swerving and swaying up toward the stage, where he just kind of collapsed.

Since Todd had to preach just a few minutes later, I did my best to 'walk' Atticus out.  After lying down on the couch and downing some orange juice and a muffin in the lobby, he said he was feeling better, so we went back in.  Everything was fine through the sermon, but then during worship afterwards he totally puked into Todd's cupped hands and had to be taken out again.  Later that afternoon, he came down with a fever and totally lost his appetite, so we think it was just the onset of a tummy bug.  He woke up Monday morning feeling fine.  So random.

Monday, Todd got to stay home and we celebrated our annual MeS'more-ial Day, which I'll post more about next week, but I'll give you a teaser now: it was a blast!

We also got the privilege of being TOTALLY freaked out by a turkey buzzard just patrolling our neighborhood, and then watching and threatening us from the neighbor's roof.  Downright ominous.

It sat like this for IDK how long, just watching us and making itself huge.  I hated every second of it.

The rest of the week has been spent trying to return the house and van to some semblance of normal, online searching for a new (bigger!) van, and trying to prep for the new baby.  I'm getting into a bit of a state of panic.  Only a few more weeks left, and my list is still loooooooong.  I did get quite a few items checked off, like contacting a doula, setting up the bassinet, making a hospital packing list, and making three gallons of bone broth and seven pounds of ground beef. (I think my 'nesting' impulse has fixated itself on how many gallons of broth I can make between now and then.) 

Last week's photo, in which I look weirdly blonde.

This week's photo, in which I look a little dead behind the eyes because my brain is peeling out.

But my list is still really long, and we have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks - a trip out of town, the carpet install (which got moved back a couple of weeks, and requires us to move ALL of the furniture out of the basement first, so it's no small feat), weekly doctor's appointments, and a trip to Kansas City for orthodontics consults for the two biggest kids.  Also, continuing to run a normal life.  Also, doing all of that in a big vast sore body that moves at the speed of dial-up.   Oh, lawdy.  Wish me luck.

I'll tell you more next week about how I'm prepping for the new baby!


todd said...

you are a walking (sorta), breathing (kinda) dial-up connection. well played. i can hear the "eeee-ong-eeeee-ong-kkkkkkkkssssssssskkkkkkk" as you waddle about.

ohcitycity said...

I feel your pregnancy woes SO HARD. Everything is an ordeal now. Putting on shoes, getting out of bed, blow drying my hair. Nesting has also hit me so hard!!! I want to do all the things and have EVERYTHING done like, yesterday! So I'm excited for your post on baby prep.

the jersk. said...

supposedly Sedona's seat 7, 9 total! and they're not like homeschool vans.