this week's 'wutup.'

wow.  this week has gone so quickly.  i feel like i was just writing last's week's 'what's up weekly'  (also delinquently, if i remember correctly).

last friday night we drove the kids down to drop them off with my mom for the weekend, and headed back up to bust. our. butts. working on the house before the move-in on sunday.  we primed (and primed again) and painted (and painted and then painted) the trim.  it made us both want to die and also cuss someone out, but we got there.  the trim is looking all crisp and fresh and like something justin timberlake would probably approve of.

oh, did i fail to mention i'm starting a new 'shabby chic' trend in clothing?  men's boxers + men's tshirt with big rip in it = oodles of feminine charm

then, in a scenario i can't fully remember, i somehow got that 'i'm so tipsy' song stuck in my head, only the words became, 'i'm so thrifty, i'm so thrifty.'  (please don't ask me why on earth that original song is anywhere in my memory bank in the first place).  the modified version was the best hiphop song i've ever heard in my life, and i'm pretty sure it will launch me into stardom someday (which is how i will end up with the clout to launch my new clothing line).

on sunday, a bunch of guys helped us load up our stuff onto the moving van one last time, brought it over, and unloaded it here.  it was a rough day.  i kept seeing stuff come off the truck that clearly would not fit in our new, smaller house, and it was super overwhelming to try and figure out what to do with it.  in a total, god-ordained turn of events, a friend is having a garage sale this weekend and asked if i have anything to throw in.  um, yes, yes i do.  so i'm hoping to make some sweet moolah and rid my life of some seriously unnecessary clutter.  if you're in the market for some new anything (furniture, kitchen islands, kids' clothes, flour sifters), come on down.

anyway.  what was i even talking about?

oh right.  the rest of this week has been a massive effort to unpack and get settled.  we are far from there, but trying.  we ordered bunk beds for the kids, but they arrived without all the pieces, so that half-bed/half-bundle of lumber is just sitting in the middle of our floor, but such is moving.  my friend jenni, who is amazeballs at decorating, came over yesterday to help me paint and arrange my living room, so we're at least closer on that front.

i mentioned that our hot water heater was broken, but it is now fixed and we can wash laundry and we have a lot less money!

and in bakery news, i'm 37 weeks pregnant.  i have three weeks to find the baby clothes in the stacks of boxes.  good luck to me.

you can see that this is the week we had no hot water and i stopped caring.

and finally, in upcoming, you-won't-want-to-miss-this news, JOIN US FOR CHURCH IN THE PARK ON SUNDAY!  not even kidding, this has been so much fun to look forward to, and i can't believe it's this weekend already!  if you come, let me know and we can meet up - i promise to have showered beforehand.

just to clarify, this is in cedar falls.

and in case you missed the rest of the week:

here's how much i hate moving.
here's how nasty our furniture is.  seriously biohazardous.
here's how i managed to soak in someone else's tub by candlelight.

happy trails, y'all.

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todd said...

quite the week.

Church in the PARK!


Next week is shaping up nicely.