this is real life.

i would just like to start off this monday by saying that i hate moving.  hate it.

i hate that we had a bunch of guys moving our crap into a house that is nearly half the square footage of our old house, knowing that we don't have room for it all and that i'll have to sell a bunch of it and so much of their effort was in vain.

i hate not knowing where the baby clothes and baby swing and whatever else is.  i hate that our life and our stuff is in such chaos so close to when this baby is due.

i hate having a smaller kitchen and not knowing where to put everything.

i hate staring at boxes and random furniture arrangements and not knowing where it all will go.

i hate that the piano that i defended so loyally to bring with us (when todd and all our movers wanted me to leave it behind) betrayed me by gouging and scraping and peeling the ever-living crap out of the beautiful floor that todd slaved over.

i hate that our dining room table is about to bite the dust now because it couldn't handle all the pressure of moving.  what a stupid pansy.

i hate that our bed doesn't fit up the stairs and now we have to sleep on a double bed like a middle school girl.  a single, solitary middle school girl.

blah.  happy mondays are for d-bags.  the rest of us like to start out our weeks wallowing in self-pity, am i right?


todd said...

you are going to make our home beautiful. i'm very excited to see how God grants you creativity to make it a home and homey (homie?)

whenjeskasparks said...

aw. i'm sorry. :( i literally gasped out loud when i read the part about the piano/floor fiasco. this will all make sense some day, but until it does, feel free to vent to me if you need. love you to pieces.

The Crislers said...

Moving is the.worst. I would have cracked a looong time ago if I were you and probably killed someone. So although a lot of things suck right now, good job on not killing anyone!

lauren said...

this sucks. and I'm really sorry.

I'm looking forward to seeing the house with things in it this weekend and I'll help you have an impromptu garage sale on saturday.

Also, let's put your bed through the upstairs window.