church in the park

yesterday was our church's first big service, held at a local park.  it. was. awesome.  the weather was great, it was wonderful to hear paul teach from the bible, we got to meet lots of new people, and there was a big lunch afterward.  265 people showed up! god's doing some really awesome things here already.

one drawback of having it in the park was that it was right next to the train track.  at least the engineer seemed friendly.

look!  we're all looking at the camera, and mostly smiling!  it's a july miracle!

and because he was so stinking cute about it, here's a bunch of pictures of finneas eating some watermelon afterward:

in related news (related to candeo, not to cute kids eating watermelon), our church will have its first official launch service on september 8.  we are praying god would bring people in to hear the gospel and celebrate with us!  todd's organizing a 40-day countdown blog that starts tomorrow - read along and pray along with us as we gear up for the big day!  even if you're not in the area or able to attend the big event, we would still love it if you'd pray with us.  (i'll be writing a few posts over there as well, so keep your eyes peeled for some snookie references.  on a church blog.  you know how i do.)



todd said...

you ability to weave snookie into a prayer meeting is exactly why i recruited you to write for the blog :)

YAYA said...

Look! I can even see Shaeffer smiling! Awesome pic VV fam!