it's like i have my own HGTV show.

a while back, i posted a few photos of the progress in the kitchen, and i've gotten a surprising number of people asking questions about the spraying process. so in a weird turn of events, i'm about to give you some DIY home project tips.  seriously.


here are the top five most frequent questions i've gotten:

why did you leave the doors on when you sprayed?
because i'm lazy and wanted it done super quickly, and because i have a friend who did it the same way who swore it wouldn't look like a hot mess to do it this way.

what about the hinges? did you paint those too?
yepper.  my hinges are those kind that mount on the inside, so it really didn't end up being an issue for me, but the friend i mentioned above has visible hinges on her cabinets and i honestly think they looked better painted the same color as everything else.  but i'm also biased because i have this seriously irrational hatred of visible hinges.  i can't tell you why, but they kind of make me angry.  so camouflaged is better than shiny, in my weirdly specific and insensitive opinion.

how did you keep them from getting painted shut?
i don't know.  they just didn't get painted shut.  i had one drawer stick, but i just ran a razor blade along it and it opened fine.

what about the backs of the doors?
they're all brown and ugly.  but it's the inside of the cabinet, so stop being so worried about it.

how long did it take?
i could get a coat of paint on the entire bank of cabinets in less than five minutes.  i did a coat of primer and two sprayed coats of paint.  (a third coat of paint applied with a roller and a brush, to get the little spots the sprayer missed.)  i used benjamin moore 'aura' paint in 'white dove.'

*i will take updated pictures in which the plastic and floor paper are gone and most of the new knobs and pulls are on the doors and drawers, which is the current state of the kitchen.  i'll post those at some point.  obviously not today because i'm feeling lazy and i can't muster the oomph to get the camera out.

kay, unless there are any other questions, i'll take off my poorly-fitting DIY advice hat and put on my normal snarky blogger hat.  everyone's world will be back to normal tomorrow.

head on over to the candeo blog for today's Q & A: 'why 40 days?'

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todd said...

I can see it now: "Paige's Projects" although I'm sure you would opt for "Paige's Projex" since it communicates both your savvy and street.