chaotic interior shots of our new house, and also some words i wrote.

yesterday i mentioned that our kitchen is kind of a hot mess right now:

to be more accurate, the entire inside of the house is kind of a hot mess right now.  we're taking this week to tackle a few projects that are easier to do in a vacant house than they would be if we were living there.  we'll actually move in on saturday.  in the meantime, we're painting the kitchen, ripping out carpet, refinishing the hardwoods, painting the walls and some trim, and generally just giving the house a bit of a spruce-up.

on the flip side, however, that means that, though we've been vagrant for the last few months, and even with the baby due in just a couple of weeks, we're choosing vagrancy for yet another week.  i'm feeling a sense of urgency to get settled!  (and make freezer meals and have, you know, a bed for our kiddo to come home to.  so much to do before she comes!)  so we're trying to book it as quickly as possible.

okay, so without further jabbering, here are some photos.

finn, enjoying the carpet for the last time.  this kid loves to lay on the floor, so i think he might miss it more than the rest of us.  (yes, the carpet is actually decent and only four years old, but there are hardwoods under there.  are you hearing what i'm saying, people?)

our first glimpse at the dining room/living room floor!

and then...bummer.

we had been given a heads' up that things might be bad in a few spots, so we were mentally prepared for this, but seriously.  bummer.

but, in better news, the kitchen is coming along nicely.  here's a 'before' shot (please pretend that the previous owners' stuff is not there, and don't label me as a creep for posting this):

kind of fuzzy, but you get the jist.  and here's an 'in progress' shot:


and just to convince you that she needed a good airbrushing, here's a photo of our sweet oak-paneled dishwasher before:

and, though it's taped off and whatnot, you can tell that it seems slightly less strange with a coat (or three) of paint:

okay, and just because 1) i would like to prove that i have been working and not just delegating, 2) i would like to open myself up to criticism for power spraying my cabinets while pregnant and occasionally forgetting to don my mask, and 3) my husband takes artsy photos, i submit the following for your viewership:

okay, so this post is super long.  sorry.  but i warned you.  (actually, i don't think i did, but i don't feel like scrolling all the way to the top to double-check that, so i maintain that i may have warned you.)


Our life in pictures said...

Isn't it amazing what a coat (or 3) of paint can do???? It's so bright! And I LOVE the eating niche (area in case I spelled that wrong and you're wondering what a "niche" is)
so glad you're getting settled! Miss seeing you every week but it looks like you belong there!

The Crislers said...

Oh my goodness, that dishwasher is hilarious. Like it's really fooling anyone. "Gee, what's in this cabinet? Hang on, THIS IS A DISHWASHER!"

Sarah said...

You don't even look pregnant Paige. Are you sure there is a baby in there? :)