plugging along at the new house.

hey, remember when our house looked like this?

well.  no longer.  it now looks like this:

and let's see her from the front.

oh yeah.

with the help of my parents and sister, i painted the door, made and hung the wreath, changed out the house numbers, hung a new light fixture, set out a couple planters, and putting a whiskey barrel planter around the bottom of the mailbox.  (i should post some closer-up shots...sorry.  maybe soon.)  next summer i'm hoping to plant some hydrangeas under the windows.  although, that would mean that i'll have to remove a bunch of the rock bed, which has proven itself to be the source of hours of fun for all three kids.

it feels good to have part of the house (almost) totally done.  it compensates for the fact that the kitchen currently looks like this:

but more on that tomorrow.


todd said...

the front looks so good.
you did a great job.
the door color, the wreath, the new light, the new numbers, the flora.


nailed it.

The Crislers said...

Come decorate my house! I looooove this!

Our life in pictures said...

And while you're in town doing Kristy's house you could stop by and do mine! It's totally worth the drive and time if you can do 2!!!!