what's update with us this week.

stuff be cray around here.  i've mentioned some of it already this week, but seriously, we're kicking butt over at the new house, and keeping the kids alive at the same time, so i'm pretty sure we deserve some kind of decorative medallion, or at least some kind of celebrity mention at the next big awards show.

okay, so let's back up.  we closed on the house.

then todd ripped out the carpet and i worked on painting the cabinets.  we got the front porch done.  and, amazingly! historically!, we got all three kids to smile in a photo:

then todd spent nearly 48 straight hours with no sleep so that he could sand and stain, and later poly, the floors.  they look beautiful and made him want to die a little.

after the carpet was torn out, the floor was patched (you can't even tell where he did it! it looks so good!), and the whole thing was sanded.  this photo was taken right around...

...4:42 a.m. when this particular part of the job was finished.  it took a lot more work after that to get it looking like this:

WHA?! yeah. 

next on the list: painting the trim.  please don't have a heart attack.  i'm positive that there's at least one of you out there who's considering unfollowing my blog for my infidel stance on natural wood trim.  but you know what?  my house, my rules.  i will throw you a bone and remind you that we uncovered many more square feet of natural wood than we'll be covering up, so unbunch your unmentionables.

anyway.  here's what else:

i hit the 36-week mark in the pregnancy and am starting to feel a bit panicked, as the countdown continues on only a single hand at this point.  (maybe that's why my face looks so pained in this photo?)

and in kid-specific news, atticus' firewood creations have soared to new heights and we now have a full-on construction site on the back patio:

and finneas pushed through the baby gate i had used to corral him while working on the porch, fell down the front steps, and landed head-first onto the hammer, giving himself a huge goose egg and wonkifying his glasses.

and that's life in a nutshell.

oh, and btdubs, we're moving into the house on sunday.  anyone available in The Valley (that's what i've named our new area since i'm super left-coast and all) who would want to come help out?  i promise i'll make you carry a piano up our porch stairs and do other horrible stuff, too.  who's in?


todd said...

we're like honorary sabinos over here with all our vim and vigor and gettin'-after-it-ness.

todd said...

additionally, looking at the sold sign pics and the front porch pics of the kids, i spot only two differences in attire although the pics were taken on two different days. can you spot the differences? did you notice before i pointed them out?