what's up weekly.

yo yo yo wassup wassup!?!?

this week was busy with crows and stuff.  if you know me, you might know i have a thing with crows.  i hate them.  they freak me out.  and yet, this fella found it appropriate to sit on the van and stake his claim on our trash can.

then he started cawcaw-ing out to his crow friends that there were some tasty morsels to be had, and this one joined him.  they clearly tried to get more buddies in on the action, but i don't think the other crows believed that there was a trash can with as many poopy diapers in it as promised, so they didn't bother to show up.  (joke's on those crows;  the first ones weren't lying.)

super freaky.

atticus found a pile of fire wood behind the house where we're staying.  this ensued:

followed shortly thereafter by this:

we somehow found ourselves in the possession of a comically large can of beans.

i turned 35 weeks pregnant and continued to be disappointed in my pregnancy book (it's just now getting around to talking about the possibility of having multiples).

and we're closing on our house TODAY!  oh glory.  we will finally have a home to call our own again!  i'm excited to get in there and start making it 'ours,' so that's probably what i will be spending most of the day doing.  yesssss. 

lemon out.


todd said...

what if the beans were regular sized and i was just that tiny?

todd said...

is it just me or does that second picture look like atticus was trying to make one of those weird "word verification" dealios?

YAYA said...

Crop Circles