the weekly 'what's up.'

this week was one of those weeks that was really busy but full of a bunch of nonspecifics, so there are only a few highlights worth noting.
first, we went on a walk, during which we saw an excavator hard at work and had to take a very long observational break.  (ironically, atticus had brought along his beloved excavator toy, so he was in heaven, holding an excavator and watching an excavator.)
sorry for the photo quality; it's a picture of a photo captured on todd's phone, which cost us one cent, if you can't tell.

i turned 34 weeks, and also failed to do my hair or makeup or put on glasses (and i'm developing a lazy eye! there must be something in the van voorst water!) so i'm going to let someone else do the glamorous smiling for me:

  just to prove it really is me from the shoulders on down, here's a realtime photo of me.

now, to undo any progress i had made in allowing you to think that i might possibly look like angelina jolie in real life, here's a photo of me, apparently telling everyone at the table whom i will be eating first.  (i'm pretty sure you can see each one of my teeth, which is a pretty amazing feat for a profile shot):

yesterday was the fourth of july, so i'll be telling you all about that next week.

i spent the week getting to order rugs and lighting and art for the new house - so. very. excited.  it's all coming together, people.

and in our biggest news this week, finneas is finally starting to walk a little further and much more frequently!  yesssss.

that was our week.  what was up yours?  ahem.  i mean, what was up with yours?


Lisagrace Alsbury said...

you are THEEEE best janky photoshopper ever. i really love you and your hilarious sense of humor.

todd said...

so there is a picture of me taking a picture of a picture I took of atticus holding an excavator while watching an excavator. it's all so m.c. escher.