we're going to hand out magnets like it's thirty-twelve tonight...

seriously, y'all.  watch this before you read the rest of this blog.  i'm now in the business of posting teaser previews.

on saturday we got the opportunity to be in a parade as part of our new church.  todd played guitar on a float (and by 'played guitar,' i mean, did an amazing choreographed dance with six other guys and won us a 'people's choice' award), and the kids and i walked behind (and by 'walked' i mean, i waddled slowly and uncomfortably, and atticus ran desperately from the band of john deere tractor collectors driving behind us).

but let me back up:  the day started out like this:

 yes.  we were all crowded under a tarp because it was POURING down rain.  we had 4000 icy pops to pass out.  the odds were not in our favor that there would a) be people even out watching the parade and b) they would want an icy pop.  not to mention the 4000 magnets with the church logo that we were hoping to pass out that didn't hold up well to getting wet.  the day was looking bleak.  metaphorically.  also literally.

it was still raining when we started, but luckily there were tons of people out anyway.  those 4000 magnets would not return void!  (that's a lame bible-speak joke that means there was nary an onlooker that went home magnet-less.  we marched to the tune of 'no fridge left behind!!') and shortly after the parade started, the rain stopped.  it was like the sweet, sweet opposite of the story of elijah calling down rain from heaven.

the candeo guys put on quite the show.  here's a teaser, and there is a video at the end for those of you who are in the mood to swoon.

and finally, a full-body shot of the float and all her sweet features people who walked next to the float:

as you can see, the boys and i are straggling off to the side.  my swollen pregnant feet were all like, 'i know the photo's happening over there, but this is where i land.'  if you can find penelope in this photo, i'll do that creepy thing where i set a place for you at our table next time we sit down to dinner even though you won't be there to enjoy it.  maybe i'll light a candle in your honor.  good luck.

so without further ado, here's a video of the actual routine for you to enjoy:

*update: here's a newspaper article about the parade, along with a great photo of the guys on the float.


todd said...

i found waldo!

lauren said...

with paul! also, that was the best float idea I've ever seen. great job! fine holiday fun.

todd said...

great job Aunt!

i know i can always trust you to find my kids when we lose them.

---which is why you should move up here and help us NOT lose our kids.