well, hello there, unexpected silver lining!

i'm just going to come out and say it: we haven't had hot water in our house since we moved in.  not really sure why, although the indicator lights on the the water heater would suggest that the flammable vapors from the freshly polyurethaned floors tripped some sensor that caused it to shut off.  and though we've had two service guys come look at it, we're not sure when it will start back up.  if at all.


on the plus side, not only have i gotten to 'ma ingalls' it by boiling water to wash my dishes (and most things that make me feel like ma ingalls makes me feel better about life), but i have not had to do much laundry this week.  (i'll probably regret this part next week, when we have hot water, and i'm having to catch up on all the stuff that piled up this week.  but i'm enjoying it now!)  additionally, i have gotten to bum showers at my friend jenni's house.

it might not sound like much, but let me paint you a little picture:  i show up at the door all dirty and unshowered, and am greeted by hugs and 'welcome home!'s from the family, like they don't even notice how gross i am.  then they insist that i probably want to take a bath, not a shower.  and they're right.  and then their daughters go and light some candles and gather up some decorating magazines and set out towels.  and then i'm all like, 'it's not awkward for me to just hang out all bath-y in your house?' and they're all, 'no! not at all!'  and then i'm soaking in the tub for like 45 minutes astonished that this is actually my life.  and then i get out and dress myself and otherwise try to be presentable, and they're like, 'how was it?' and i'm all like, 'best thing that has ever happened to me.  ever in my life.'

in related news, another friend watched my kids a couple of mornings this week and bathed them for me while they were there.  who knew that a crazy hot water heater could result in me being so spoiled and not having to do any work?

so.  all in all, this whole 'no hot water at my house' thing really just results in me getting to soak, kidless and responsibility-less, in a candle-lit bath for a while, while thumbing through magazines and letting someone else take care of the kids' hygiene.  i bet you wish your hot water heater was on the fritz as well.


whenjeskasparks said...

hahaha. this is the best thing ever. i would feel so weirded out taking a long bath at someone elses house, but after the first fifteen minutes it'd be hard to get me to leave. and not come back. every day.

todd said...

God has been really good to provide us with some very good friends during this transition.

Jessica said...

A similar thing happened when we moved into our house in May. The fault wasn't freshly polyurethaned floors. It was because the only thing that is controlled by gas is the water heater/heat, and I hadn't called the gas man.

["'Dear Gas man?' These guys are good. How do they know I have gas?"]

It's a good comment when you can drop a Dumb & Dumber quote.