why (two of the five) van voorsts love old threshers.

old threshers is kitsch.  it's not for everyone.  if you have a heart for thriving metropolises, love contemporary art, or only wear skinny jeans, it is possible old threshers might not be your thing.  if, on the other hand, you only wear your incredibly long hair in a bun, only venture to town in your wagon to buy flour in 50# bulk, or use words like 'yonder,' old threshers might bore you because your whole life is one long old threshers reunion.  and if you turn up your hoity-toity nose at anything remotely folksy, old threshers is DEFINITELY not for you; take your snark to the sweet corn festival.  we don't want you here.

however.  if you are not any of these people, you will LOVE old threshers.  let me convince you:

first stop, my personal favorite, the log village (yes, that sign is cut from a tree stump). 
 here is where you'll find people dressed up in 1850's clothing, cooking over an open fire, and hand-shaving wood shingles for the barn roof.  they have a bunch of farm animals, a reenactment one-room schoolhouse, a stagecoach inn, a general store, and this old bearded guy doing a medicine show.  you can hear a town hall presentation on ol'fashinned canning procedures.  you'll find a trading post where you can meet all of your rabbit skin needs.  you can also buy a walking taco if you feel so inclined.

why do i love this place?  more like, why DON'T i love this place?!  first, i worked here a couple of weekends in middle school, dressing up in period garb and explaining to uninformed tourists where the phrase 'sleep tight' actually came from.  (rope beds, newbie.)  second, i love all things homestead.  i love seeing the reenactments of daily life, and getting to talk to a guy in suspenders about the swiss method of composting cow crap.  (yes, i did leave my family to fend for themselves while i had this very informative conversation.)  and third, their garden is AWESOME:

please ignore my rampant case of White Lumpy Mom Legs.

okay.  so that's my primary reason for loving the OT.   atticus' reason for loving it?  it's basically a tribute to all things Historical Methods of Transportation and Farming.

we got to ride trolleys:

and a steam train:

atticus and poppy doug

and see steam engines on parade:

and look at hundreds of antique tractors:

there are a couple of you specifically that i think would probably love old threshers as much as atticus and i do, so you should come with us next year!  we'll make a party of it!  (as though it's not already a party.)

i'm totally serious.  keep your calendars open for labor day weekend next year if you want to come!!

there were so many photos of fun things we did over the weekend that i'll post a few more next week, including a photo of a decimated roast turkey leg.  you're not going to want to miss it.


Amanda Cushman said...

You'd think after living across the street from OT for almost 10 years that I would have gotten my fill. But after I saw these pictures and realized I hadn't been in nearly 15 years, it definitely made me want to go back! Your pictures brought back so many memories. Thanks for sharing!

paige said...

oh my word, fifteen years?! i've missed one year that i can remember. i know it's totally ridiculous, but it just doesn't feel like labor day weekend without going! :)