it's hole-digging time.

i have this pipe dream that someday my yard will stop looking like a sailor's beard, all overgrown and patchy and dirty, and start looking like a yard.  you know.  a flat surface with real grass on it.  like i've heard so much about.

so i wanted these daylilies out. i had no idea it would mean digging such a huge, deep hole, then picking through the dirt by hand to retrieve 32 gallons of bulbs before putting the dirt back in. although, i'm realizing what a sorry state my shed is in now that the plants aren't there to cover up the multitude of sins rotting boards.

so anyway.  here's what we did.  i told todd to dig the daylilies out.  he agreed, but then upon starting realized what he had undertaken.  then he kept digging.  and kept digging.  and dug some more.  then i went out to help him sort the dirt and the bulbs.  then he shoveled the dirt back in.  and then, a mere six hours after starting, VIOLA!  done.

todd's battle wounds.

though you can't tell in the following picture, i put down grass seed in that dirty patch, and it is starting to grow.  it is now lush and green and makes the rest of our yard look like a 50-year-old pervert's head in comparison.  but it's a start.


anyone want any daylilies? they're orange and they're free and your yard will be ugly without 32 gallons of them. now to just coerce todd into digging out the fifty bajillion tree stumps and we'll be about 5% of the way to an actual yard.