wow.  i haven't been able to post on the past two fridays, so it feels good to once again sum up our goings-on over the last few weeks.  since kind of a lot of stuff has happened, this week i'll tell you about the 'lost weeks,' and next week i'll tell you about this week and next week.  make sense?  okay.  are you ready?  sweet.

we took the kids down to my parents' for old thresher's weekend.  what?! you don't know what old thresher's is?!  it's basically a weekend celebrating the antique tractor, the garage sale, and the country crafts movement.  yeah, i'm all over it.  while i'll post a full-on blog about it next week, here's a little sampling of what you missed out on:


then we took a little road trip up to my dad's to check out the church plant in his town and celebrate his birthday.  we went to steak and shake and the kids got sugared up on jello cake.  it was an awesome day all around.

penelope putting the kaibosh on any more paparazzi action regarding her steak and shake hat.
then PENELOPE POOPED IN THE POTTY for the first time on labor day.  also on labor day, i scared her so badly made such a big deal about her pooping in the potty that she waited two and a half weeks to do it again.

 finneas turned six months, and narrowly escaped strangulation.

i burned a pan of popcorn.  as in, lit it on fire.  i left it unattended for a second, started smelling smoke, and walked into the kitchen to see smoke billowing out the sides of the pan.  (our smoke detector, which goes off each and every time i even open the oven door, failed to sound.)  the result?

leave it to me.  my pan is now burnt to crap and it permanently smells like a smoker's hand.

and finally, i found the one carrot that looks like a finger that resides in every bag of baby carrots (the movie, 'bridesmaids,' anyone?)

sweet.  here's hoping next week's update is half as awesome as this week's.

what we were up to last year at this time:

i puked into my own eye.
atticus nearly threw up at burger king.  on video!


whenjeskasparks said...

OH MY GOSH. bridesmaids. YES. best movie ever next to "katy perry: a part of me" and i'm not even kiddin' on that last one. i just finished it. and bought the album. and now can't sleep 'cause all i want to do is listen to her. she's.. she's really good. painfully enough to say. haha. anyway, yes the ugly carrot. fantastic.

todd said...

we're back and better than ever!

Anonymous said...

You were at Veritas? For realz???? If you were that was the ONE Sunday we weren't there because we all had a head cold that left us laying on the couch begging for menthol.

paige said...

we WERE at veritas, and i looked for you, but obviously you weren't there :). don't worry- we'll be back and we'll have to run into each other!!

The Crislers said...

I LOVE the pic of Atticus with his legs crossed readin' some Boynton. Perfect.