potty animals.

i would like to start by saying i'm sorry i didn't end up posting thursday and friday.  our shoddy internet was down.  and by 'down,' i mean unplugged from the power source, which we didn't realize until the internet guy came to our house two days later to troubleshoot, plugged it back into the wall, and left.   and here we are.

i would like to continue by updating you with penelope's potty-training news:  there is no update.  since Successful Monday, there has been no deposit made in the tot potty (the totty?).  maybe i scared her away from ever using it again with my overwhelmingly loud celebratory antics.  maybe she's simply a thrill-seeker and the newness has worn off.  or maybe she misses the feel of poop all squished up against her skin.  who knows.  whatever the case, no progress has been made.

so this week we're going to get serious:  we're going to walmart this morning to let her pick out some new undies, and we'll store a stack of towels under the coffee table and let her set up shop on the potty.  (with atticus, i just let him spend a few days sitting on the potty in the middle of the living room while watching elmo and chugging juice.  worked like a chizzarm.  hoping it will be the same this time around.)

which brings me to my last related topic:  Elmo's Potty Time movie = the awesomest.  we borrowed it from a friend when we trained atticus, and this time around we've checked it out from the library.  it's super fun - elmo rides a trike (impressive for a muppet with no regularly visible legs), discusses the bathroom habits of all his friends and immediate relatives, takes us on a rap tour of a toilet paper factory, and even revelates that, in spanish, going 'number two' is going 'numero dos.'  (not to mention that all the bathroom talk has led one of our children to ask if elmo's penis is red like the rest of his body.)

but my FAVORITE part by far is when a bunch of little kids announce what euphemisms they use to talk about peeing and pooping.  'peeing' gets a lot of 'weewee' and 'peepee' answers, which is hardly a shock, but then these two kids come on the screen are yell, 'I REALLY NEED TO URINATE!' and you're all...whut?!  what kind of inbred scientists teach their kids the actual proper (and too-long-considering-the-situation) words for that?

and while 'pooping' gets a lot of answers like, 'woowoo' and 'poopoo,' there really is no match for the scientifically accurate, relatively objective, and no-holds-barred answer of 'I REALLY NEED TO URINATE!'  however, i would like to imagine that i'm not the only parent wishing some tiny kid would come on screen and scream something like, 'I REALLY NEED TO DEFECATE!' or even, 'A MOVEMENT OF THE BOWELS IS UPON ME!'

but alas, that is the one thing i find wrong with the elmo potty time movie.  other than that, it's a boon.

and that concludes my rambly bathroom post.  BRING ON THE WEEK.

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whenjeskasparks said...

that movie is awesome. 'cept i hate baby bear's annoying voice. and him saying "woowoo" over and over. and his awkward sister poopin' under the table...