happy labor daybor.

now that it's eleven in the morning, i figured i should finally post.  we just got back from a long weekend at my parents' and we're pretty much good for nothing.  my kids are currently eating ice cream in their underwear and i am still in my pajamas with no plans to do anything about it.

so for today's news.  though we're not potty training or anything, penelope has been acting more interested in the potty lately.  she likes to sit on it and read books, but has never actually peed or anything.  the other day she came up to me and said, 'mama, i don't have poop in my dipe...' and then a couple minutes later, 'NOW i have poop in my dipe.'  so i figured she was developing an awareness and had planned to start formal potty training next week.  (this last weekend we were away from home, and this next week is going to be super insane, so i figured we'd wait until things settled down.)

this morning she told me she wanted to poop on the potty so she could get ice cream.  i figured it was going to be like all the other times where she just sat for a while and then got bored and moved on to the next game.  so i just left her on her potty and went about my business.  a while later, todd called me in and was like, uh...she pooped!

so in case you're super interested in our bathroom goings-on, penelope has officially pooped in the potty of her own initiative.  i should have known it would happen that way; she's really independent and definitely prefers to do things when SHE decides to.

i got so excited and was squealing, and yelling CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB, and telling her to call people and tell them.  all of the excitement scared her so bad she was on the verge of tears.  so i doubt it will happen again any time soon.  good going, me.

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