so...what the frack?  where have i been your whole life for the last week?

first, our internet crapped out, but not really since it was only because i was an idiot and didn't check to see if our router was plugged in.  then the internet guy plugged it in and it was smooth sailing for about four days.

then on tuesday, i had the whole day planned out and it all depended on the computer: potty training.  a whole morning of watching shaun the sheep on the laptop while waiting for a toddler to do her business.  (our normal tv is in the basement, which is not only far away from finneas during nap and probably full of radon, but also beige-carpeted, making it a less-than-ideal location for potty training.  ergo, the use of the laptop for movies.)

then about thirty minutes in, the hard drive crashed.  as in, CRASHED.  dead.  shortly thereafter, since i couldn't keep penelope on the potty anymore because there was nothing to entertain her, she pooped in her undies.  i called my friend kristy bawling.  then, while on the phone, penelope peed in her undies while walking from the dining room, to the living room, and into the entryway.  it was everywhere.

so, in potty training news, we're on hiatus.  i couldn't take it.  (kristy was super enlightening, by the way.  hey, Type A-ers, did you know you can throw in the towel on something you've already started?  that just because you started something doesn't mean you have to finish it rightnow?  who knew?!)

then on to computer news:  we had our friend travis look at it and confirm the hard drive had gone kaput.  then over the weekend my mom installed a new one and helped us move our files over (thank GOODNESS only a couple of files were lost, and most of them were sermon podcasts that were easy enough to find again online.  we did lose one photo entitled "a boot full of lotion."  i can't for the life of me remember what it was a photo of, but i'm probably better off without it.)

so then last night i sat down to blog for the week...and our internet actually was down.  which is how i found myself at mcdonald's posting this blog.  stupid.

needless to say, i'm ready to throw in the towel on technology and start wearing jumpers and bun cozies and stop wearing mascara.  do it up old school.  how would i then blog, you ask?  i'd probably handwrite all my posts and stand on the steps of city hall and read them aloud.  more work, yes, but with the care and human touch that is so lacking in this age of technology and isolationism.

and what's the worst part of all of this?  i have had so much to tell you!  we went to old threshers, atticus saw his first movie in a theater, i thought of some handy cleaning tips for the less-than-Type-A housewife, i lit a pan of popcorn on fire, etc. etc.  so hold on to your hats.  here we go!!

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todd said...

I am glad you are back

(although the public oration of your posts at city hall sounds like a reasonable alternative).