'as the mice infest,' installment two.

when we last left you yesterday, todd had just pulled out the fridge to assess the mouse-in-the-trap situation. he realized that the trap was barely holding onto the mouse's tail, and that the little guy's whole body was down the waterline hole and he was hanging on for dear life.  to move the trap meant that the mouse might get free, but to leave it there meant the mouse might starve to death just hanging in that hole.  but if we waited for it to die before trying to remove the trap, we would risk the mouse carcass falling out of the trap and down the hole and rotting there where we couldn't get to it.

you can see what a conundrum we had found ourselves in. 

so todd grabbed some needle-nosed pliers and pulled the thing out by its tail, trap still attached.  and you know what, you guys?! it was SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  with its tiny little paws and pink little nose and desperate squeaks for help.  (since becoming a mother, i anthropomorphize animals - all animals, including whole raw chickens from Fareway - into babies in my mind.  and this poor little furry baby needed some help escaping his sad destiny.)

at first i was really torn.  couldn't we just let him go outside where he could live out his mousey days in peace and happiness, maybe making a squirrel buddy or two and playing clever tricks on Bubbles, the neighbors' outdoor cat?

but, i'm a realist.  i am aware that either the cat would eat him and we'd be no better off, or he'd just find his way into another house (or ours again).  so i sentenced him to death.  but how?  not starvation or even a quick bludgeoning with the hammer; too harsh, don't you think?

so todd tied him in a plastic bag, stuck him under the wheel of his car, and backed up over him.  quick, (hopefully) painless, and mess-free since he was already in a garbage bag.

and that's how the van voorsts turn something simple like killing a mouse into a whole-evening ordeal replete with tears and nausea.

in the three days following Brandon the Mouse's death, we fatally trapped five more mice, including one in the basement (they had been EVERYWHERE).  i think they had been staging a coup, maybe something along the lines of Animal Farm, so i felt less bad about smothering that spark before it became a fire.  i did it in the name of democracy.

i heard from the neighbor that when they harvest the corn out of the field a few blocks south of our house, the mice come in droves.  so i have started a Mouse Death bean counter on the side of the blog.  i'll update it, as i'm somewhat confident that this will not be the end of the mice this season.


whenjeskasparks said...

eep! that is so sad! RIP brandon. poor li'l bugger. but you do whatcha gotta do i guess. i hope your counter doesn't get over the five you've seen... :/

YAYA said...

Dee and I used to keep a tally in our office when we worked on Lincoln street. The last thing we would do before leaving for the day was to set the traps. The first thing to do the next morning was to find one of the maintenace guys to either empty the traps or give the all clear. Dee spent the day with her feet in her bottom desk drawer for fear one might run across the floor in her general vicinity. I probably have that mouse toll chart in my files somewhere.

Don't worry, mice are quite prolific. They'll make more!

The Crislers said...

Running over a mouse with a car? Genius. I'll have to remember that the next time we find a bat in our house. Seems a lot less traumatic (for the humans, anyway) than beating it to death with a broom handle.