video vednesday: "the system is down"

This is Todd from work posting on behalf of Paige.

The minivan voorst family computer officially went from lappy to crappy.

"Unable to locate hard drive" is not a promising forecast. If it is fixable, your regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly. If it is not fixable, it may be a while before you can again enjoy the blog stylings of the minivan voorsts.

Stay tuned...

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whenjeskasparks said...

this is why i love ya'll. i read that title and immediately went "the system is down. the system is down. the system is down. down down down down..." and went full into the song in my head before i even clicked to see it was the song you posted. oh, man, pompom. i love you guys. miss you bunches. kinda want to move back there just to have the honor of being near you again.