who i would marry if todd wouldn't take me.

oh, vinegar.  how i love thee.

i would like to take a moment to tell you that i am deeply and passionately in love with distilled white vinegar.  i use it to clean my stainless, disinfect my counters, clean my fruits and veggies, kill weeds, mop my floors, clean out my washing machine and dishwasher, and generally make my house smell like a vlasic factory.

i really should own stock in it, considering i go through a gallon or so per month.

here are my favorite uses:

drano: pour a bunch of baking soda down a slightly clogged drain, then pour a bunch of vinegar down.  it'll bubble up and clear out the clog.

disinfectant spray/mop solution: mix half water and half vinegar (less vinegar if mopping), add a squirt of dish soap and go to tizzown.

stainless steel polish: pour a little vinegar on a microfiber cloth and wipe stainless in direction of the 'grain.'

remove buildup in washer or dishwasher: run machine empty with a cup of vinegar poured in.

rinse-aid: fill rinse-aid compartment of dishwasher with vinegar rather than the store-bought stuff.

fruit and veggie wash: soak fruit/veggies in a bowl of 90% water, 10% vinegar for a minute or two; rinse.  bowl of water might just look disgustingly dirty after this.

weed killer: add a little salt to the disinfectant mixture above and spot-spray.

windex: again with the disinfectant mixture, but make sure the dish soap is dawn brand and add a little extra soap.  also, make sure to squeegee just because that's how windows ought to be washed.  my two cents.

chicken stock: cover chicken bones in water, add some white vinegar, let sit for 15 minutes to one hour before bringing to a boil, reducing to a simmer and leaving to simmer for up to 24 hours. the vinegar pulls the gelatin out of the bones.

deodorizer: spray directly on a stinky rug spot (animal-slash-toddler pee, spilled milk, etc.) after first having used soap and water to get the bulk of the actual yuck out.  let air dry.

strip cloth diapers: while i usually use bleach for this, i'll be trying it with vinegar soon.  run diapers on super-hot with a squirt of dawn detergent.  after that full cycle is done, run 3-4 rinse cycles with some white vinegar poured in.

pickles: is it weird to anyone else that i've never made pickles?

any other ideas for it?  you know i'm willing to try pretty much anything weird.


Anonymous said...

You can use one part apple cider vinegar and one part water as a facial cleanser. It is supposed to help acne but hasn't helped my pimply baby hormone ridden face. Just put on cotton ball and clean face! Bam!

whenjeskasparks said...

toner. yepps. just like ladycakes up there, it hasn't done much for me, but it's been three days. and i think of you every time i use it. haha.