oh, the things i never imagined i'd say.

me: what are you eating?!
penelope: a raisin.
me: DON'T eat stuff off the floor... we don't even have raisins.

friend: i'm not good at entertaining kids.
me: me neither.  just have a bunch of kids close together so they can entertain each other.  that's what i do.

(penelope starts crying in the other room)
me: if she wants comfort bad enough, she'll come find me.

me: yeah, i bet elmo's penis is red.  good observation.

does anyone else ever wonder how their life got to looking the way it does?


Anonymous said...

We have almost the exact same conversations in our house! But I will say, we haven't talked about Elmo's penis yet.

Danielle said...

Fun night. :) let's do it again!