finneas at six months.

(we still don't have our photos moved over from the hard drive, so please bear with this wordy post with no photos.  just trust me that he's even cuter than he was last month.)

finneas turned six months old on the sixth.  here's what's happening with him now:

weight: 14.6 pounds (fourth percentile)
length: 26.5 pounds (42nd percentile)
wrestling moniker: finneas "the raspberry" v.v.

he is still super chill, but now really interested in pretty much anything he can get his hands (and mouth) on - he's especially fond of trying to catch people's legs as they walk by.

he is trying to figure out how to crawl, which involves a lot of face-planting while on his belly and wildly flailing his arms and legs.  he has recently figured out how to get up onto all fours, so it's only a matter of time before we have no more stationary children.  sad.

he had his first illness this month and did a decent job of powering through.

we're doing a little with baby-led weaning (AKA, Lazymom's Intro to Solids) and he LOVES all things Real-Person Food.  one day last week i skinned a pear and let him gnaw away on it.  he finished the whole thing (except the core, obviously.)  i didn't even mush it or anything, just held it in front of him for him to slowly chip away at with his little chipmunk teeth.  a couple nights ago he went nutso over split pea soup.  hoping he starts pudging out soon.

he dropped his evening nap recently, and is down to two naps a day (morning and afternoon).  he typically wakes up for the day sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and goes down for the night between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.  i wake him up and feed him before i go to bed, but he goes right back to sleep after that (usually).

the other morning he woke up early, i think because he's teething again, so i brought him into our bed and laid next to him.  he would doze as long as i had him cuddled against me and was holding and stroking his hand.  if i stopped stroking his hand, or if i moved away at all, he'd immediately stir.  then after a while, he scooted away from me, cuddled up next to todd's pillow, and fell asleep.  it was the sweetest. thing. ever.

todd asked me the other night if he's been my favorite baby.  clearly, i don't have a favorite baby, but this has been my favorite baby phase if i can remember correctly.  i loved the babymoon stage with atticus, but it was fraught with new-mom anxiety and confusion and overwhelmedness.  after penelope was born, i was so stressed out and not sleeping and not eating because of my postpartum depression.  this time around, i've been able to feel confident and flexible and (dare i say it?!) relaxed about the whole new-baby thing.  (or, as relaxed as one can possibly be while only getting two hours of sleep at a time and constantly covered in someone else's barf). 

can i say, without jinxing myself, that i'm sad he's growing so quickly and i kind of want the baby stage to stick around a little longer?  i realize i'm only saying that because he's now sleeping through the night and everything is coming up roses, but i'm pretty confident i mean it.  i love snuggling him and sniffing his head and blowing raspberries into his mouth to make him laugh.  desperately hoping no teenager of mine will be up for having his mom blow raspberries into his mouth.  which is why i want him to stay a baby forever and ever. 

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