video vednesday: sing it if you know it. duhduhdududuhdudu.

peanut butter tuesday, you know what i mean?

my dear friend jeska sent this to me.  you have to watch them both - so funny!  or, just watch the second one and try to guess what the first one is supposed to be.


whenjeskasparks said...

still hilarious. the kid with his mouth open i'm pretty sure turned into peepin' robbie. remember him, from acquire the fire? they're obvs the same person.

also, another blog i follow posted this:

and the title "sweet tea hot toddy" actually made me assume it was your post. but then i realize it wasn't. so, i vote todd gets a new nickname.

todd said...

What do you mean "new"? As though that isn't what Paige and the kids already call me.

whenjeskasparks said...

yeah. you're pwobably wite.