the weekly 'what's up?'

what were we up to this week?

on monday, we busted out the grill and made s'mores.


on thursday atticus showed off his educational prowess by writing each letter of the alphabet (which he only learned by watching the letter factory, which shows off my horrible mom prowess) without help.  he grand-finale'd the night by writing 'HO.'  i know it's probably yet another testament to my horrible mothering, but that is definitely getting framed and hung on the wall of my craft room.

also, this week we have welcomed a new family member into our house: fick, atticus' new best (and imaginary) friend.  and sometimes her sister fack comes to visit.  fick does a great job of pooping in the potty, finishing all her pizza before getting down from the table, and growing lovely black hair.  considering she's just a tiny baby, those things are pretty impressive.  fick's favorite activity? hugging jesus.

happy weekend, HO's.


todd said...

I like that fick. She is quiet, friendly, she eats all her food, and she loves hugging Jesus. So I am A-OK thus far with the friends Atticus has chosen for himself.

todd said...

the jury is still out about fack.


Laura said...

Well hopefully Fack isn't the opposite of Fick. That would make for lots of disasters.

Loving the pictures and the blogs by the way. We miss you guys way to much.