muddy buddies.

this weekend, our family participated in the mud run.  (and by 'our family,' i mean todd and the two older kids.  finneas and i refrained.)  oh my word.  i can't even describe how glad i am we did this.  and not just because i got THE. ROCKINGEST. farmer tan.

here's a shot of the 'track' at its cleanest, before people started running over it and stirring up the mud:

oh. yeah.

the kids each got their own runner number, which was awesome - it was free to register them, so it was a surprise that they got to look like official participants! (they're so clean in these pictures, it's almost a shame to have to show you to what extent things devolved after this.)

i am posting this photo against todd's better judgment as a testament to the fact that, if you enlist me as the official event photographer, chances are you will get a photo with your nipple hanging out.  also, if you didn't notice the nipple right at first, but are now tempted to enlarge this photo to get a better look, you and i are probably the exact same person.


finn and me, myspace-ing it up.

penelope looks deceptively consenting in this photo; shortly thereafter she demanded to be carried and spent the rest of the morning crying, "i durdy! keen it up, mama! i spilled! KEEN IT UP!"


didn't believe me, did you?  well, here's your proof, my skeptical friend.


atticus took to the mud like, well, a pig to mud.  while todd ran his own grown-up course, atticus literally spent his time getting down and dirty.


after todd's race was over, i turned around and this was the sight that greeted me: 


i have to admit, i didn't even recognize him at first, since all i could see of him were his teeth and eyeballs.

literally wringing mud out of his clothing.

waiting in line to hose off afterward. 

and to sum up the morning:



Eric Crawford said...

Best thing about the nipple shot... Atticus is checking out his left nipple. Must be an attractive thing.


todd said...

Why do guys even have nipples?

whenjeskasparks said...

i, admittedly, DID immediately notice his man-nip, but also decided that a closer look was a good idea.