the weekly 'what's up.'

this week has been a little less eventful than the last few, thank goodness.

finneas busted out his second tooth:

penelope, my sister and i spent saturday morning visiting the farmer's market.  in the whole place, there was only one dozen eggs to be had, which was a bit of a bummer.  but i didn't run into any conspiracy theorists who were all 'BOO ON POPULATION GROWTH!', so the trip on the whole was more successful than past trips.

on wednesday, we spent a hot afternoon driving down to trader joe's, where the kids did extremely well.  i'll have to tell you sometime about how the trip almost ended with me peeing myself.  but that's a story for another day.  in the meantime, i'll just share that i took the camera with me, hoping to get one of those adorable grocery store shots that i'm positive i'll love to look back on in fifty years because it captures our life right now.  instead, other than taking a picture of a can of tomatoes because i thought the packaging was pretty, this is the only photo i left with:

penelope thought he was moses.  makes sense.  i heard somewhere that in addition to bringing the ten commandments down the mountain, moses also had a few cartons of greek yogurt in the pockets of his robe.  i mean, overalls.

and other than not roasting to death in the heatwave (my clothing melted to my clothesline, no lie), we haven't been up to much else.  kind of like this squirrel i couldn't be more fascinated by:

he was so hot yesterday that he'd make the rounds around our deck railing, leaning against the cool deck cap and airing out his manly-bits.  once the deck cap got warm from him leaning on it, he'd go to the next one and do the same thing. 

i'd typically wrap this up with a 'what were you up to this week?' kind of thing, but i think i'd just like to leave you with that image of a squirrel dangling his junk instead.  happy weekend.

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