how a rotting pile of garbage has turned me into a coffee tweaker.

while i tend to have a lot of guilty pleasures, like ripping pictures out of magazines and secretly peering through people's windows after dark (to see their decorating, people.  i'm not a pervert.), one that i've really let myself go nutso over lately is a daily cup of coffee.  (unwad those panties, it's decaf.)

i've been a coffee-lover since high school when i worked in a coffee house and i was admonished to drink the coffee (black only) so that i could tell confused coffee-buyers that the Awesome Blend was low-acid or the Sumatra might be a little darker than you'd prefer.  but coffee is mostly either a) expensive or b) bad, so i've never been a 'daily cup' kind of gal.  but then two things radically changed all that.

one: i put in a compost bin.

(what does this have to do with drinking coffee? well, earthworms love coffee grounds. and earthworms are great for the soil and i can only assume they help speed up the composting process? so i do it for the sake of the earthworms. you're welcome, earthworms.)

and, two:  pioneer woman suggested putting sweetened condensed milk in it.

whut the whut?!

i used to make my coffee in a french press. but somewhere along the line i lost the 'press' part of it, so then i started brewing it in the glass part of it (the french?) and then pouring it through a mesh strainer.  then i dropped the french on the floor, where it shattered upon impact, so now i brew it in a glass measuring cup and pour it through a strainer.  (i'm pretty sure half the population of seattle just had simultaneous major-organ failure.)  then i dump the grounds on the compost pile, and get my pioneer woman on with sweetened condensed milk.

so, instructions.  this isn't jamba juice or some other fruity opportunity to drink spinach through a straw: man up and brew your coffee good and blaaaaack.  then stir in a [heaping?] teaspoonful of SCM.  then lick the spoon.  then cut calories throughout the rest of the day, because no one's going to be looking like giselle anytime soon if they start adding this to their daily routine. 

ahem.  believe you me.

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Allison said...

I didn't realize you were a coffee lover, a black coffee lover at that! Have you tried Andrew's coffee yet? Fresh roasted, finely ground for whatever way you decide to brew, and such creamy yumminess! I will have to bring you some to try :)