my new compost bin.

before you go thinking that it's actually not ghetto to have a bin full of garbage and yard waste rotting away behind your house, i should probably clarify that it's not technically a compost 'bin' so much as it is a corner of my garden that i've sectioned off with chicken wire that my realtor was going to throw away. and there i dump most of our kitchen scraps, kleenexes, qtips, paper, cardboard, hair clippings, etc., in addition to plenty of yard waste. all just sitting there, uncovered, rotting, inhabited by flies until i occasionally turn it. (our neighbors love us, btdubs.) (also one time last week a neighbor may or may not have walked into our yard as i was dumping the liquid from our training potty right on the pile. pretty sure she's never talking to me again.) i have proven my ghetto point.

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todd said...

I get it now!

I actually had to look up 'btdubs."