the weekly 'whutup.' (you like what i did there?)

what were we up to this week?

penelope tried potty training for, oh, about thirty seconds.  not ready.

todd ran his first 5k ever on saturday, and finished almost a whole minute under his target time.  he got free breakfast burritos and coffee afterward.  shortly thereafter, i rolled out of bed.

we took the kids to a parade.  did you have a parade in your town this weekend?  no?  well, friends, that's the benefit of living in a town that's approximately 98% scandinavian.  i'm guessing they all got organized one year and decided to have a whole weekend dedicated to being scandinavian.  we kept our mouths shut about the fact that we're actually dutch and celebrated with them.

i look like a maniac in approximately 75% of the photos taken of me at the parade, including this shot where i channel beaker from the muppets:

and even though my hair was only done to a) cover up my extreme post-baby baldness and b) cover up the fact that i hadn't showered in a few days, i declared victory over the back-combed ponytail:

in the haul that was our parade candy (what was left of it after penelope insisted on putting all her candy in another little girl's bucket - so sweet), i found this:

that's right.  someone's leftover easter candy that they must have recycled into parade candy.  not cool, cheapskates.  not cool.

finn was all, fair food?! have you not read 'nourishing traditions'? doh.

the kids rode the antique carousel, as penelope yelled repeatedly, 'i riding a chicken, mama! i riding a chicken!'

and atticus had his first port-a-potty experience. i'll spare you the pictures; i'll just say it was successful.

and those were the highlights of our week.  what were you up to?


Jenni and Dan said...

Seriously laughing out loud about the Beaker picture. And just when you thought you were all cool because your town had a parade, I'm here to tell ya our town had a parade this weekend too. Summer Celebration! Woot, woot!

the crawfords said...

OH MY GOSH! I died at the comparison between you and one of the muppets and o wondered what you were looking at. must have been so shocking!