blahblahblah boring post about decorating my house.

i used to be awesome at making decisions.  when i was planning our wedding, i picked one day where all my bridesmaids and my mom and i could go look at dresses (mine and theirs).  within the afternoon, i had my dress, their dresses, all our jewelry, my veil, and their shoes all picked out.  and bam.  wedding party clothed.  see?  awesome.

but then i started to rethink my dress.  as in, it wasn't horrible, but i definitely didn't love it as much as i thought i did.  i was swept up under the weight of all the decisions to be made (and the fact that i hadn't had lunch yet) and i just bought it.  but the thing is, you can't return a wedding dress.  and i really wish i had taken longer to decide because even now i know that it wasn't my perfect dress.  it was pretty, of course, but it wasn't 'me.'  and it bums me out that i just felt 'meh' in it.

since that major and poorly made decision, i have become much more gun shy about making any kind of decision.  as in, i hem and haw and procrastinate regarding any kind of choice that has to be made.  which is why we have lived in this house for over a year, and other than in the kitchen (where it was mint green, so choices had to be made pronto), pretty much everything looks exactly like it did after we moved in.  there have been three nails driven into the wall in that time, and only two of them hold pictures.  (the other one is empty.  yeah.  i know.)  and both of the currently hanging pictures will probably get moved once i decide where i actually want them instead.

i had about a million different paint samples on the walls for months and months.  i finally let the women's ministry director at church make the decision for me.  she chose well because she is color-aware and awesome at making decisions.  then, we painted the kids' room a bright oceany blue-green, and then i hated it because i'm a gray-walls kind of girl, and then i kind of liked it because it was outside of my comfort zone and i was proud of myself, but then i didn't like it because - GREEN WALLS?!, but now i love it.  i think. 

i decided on fabric for the curtains in there but when i went to buy it, i ended up coming home with five more fabric swatches instead, just to be sure.

i think you get my point.

i'm not kidding (and only exaggerating a little) when i say i'm in pure, unadulterated agony.  i have been living with jaundice-colored walls for the last thirteen months.  i have a whole bedroom full of nothing but decor items, and now that it's garage sale season again, that room is about ready to be featured on hoarders. it is time, my friends.  TIME.

i am putting myself to the task of finally deciding to decide (aka, decorating) and i couldn't be more excited!  first up: the living room.  the list involves choosing curtains, hanging a wall of random framed stuff, painting our table, making pillow covers for the couches, getting new rugs when dinero allows, choosing (or making) a new light fixture, and finally deciding what to do with the sad corner that contains a cast-off end table with a tiny little plant on it.  so sad.

but no more sad for me!  that sad little plant is going to turn its frown upside down.  (and actually has already gotten a bit of a spruce with the addition of a tiny taekwondo trophy guy just stuck right there in the dirt for some company.  what can i say?  i'm a quirky gal with a quirky plant.  to prove it, the plant is also potted in a thrifted popcorn bucket.)

anyone up for taking on the spruce-up challenge with me? anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say that it feels good to know someone else felt like they made the decision on their wedding dress a little too soon?

And I am on the decorating bandwagon. Right now I am in repurposing furniture mode.