my garden. i mean, minifarm. i mean, garden.

stuff is actually growing in my garden! which is sweet, because last year nothing grew. it was a sad, desolate wasteland in my backyard. this year all my plants are going nuts. i can't figure out why things are different than they were last year, other than that i'm actually watering stuff. i have written the following observation in my garden journal: 'it appears that plants need water to survive.  i should probably write an enlightening book on the topic.'

this is our first raised bed.  onions, peas, green and yellow beans, tomatoes, peppers, carrot-seeds-that-never-sprouted-even-though-i-planted-them-twice, and marigolds around the edge to deter rabbits.  the marigolds have been ineffective.

second raised bed:  a sweet potato that died (which is why that spot of dirt is bare), onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and containers of dill, cilantro and basil at the back.  those serve to hold down the fence to keep the rabbits out.  they have been ineffective.

the main part of the garden: cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, my compost pile in the back left corner, zucchini and onions.

these onions volunteered themselves from sets that never sprouted last year.  they're taller than atticus and going to seed.  i may try just letting the seeds drop there and seeing if the onion patch replants itself.

massive zucchini.

this, friends, is a massive close-up of a tomato.  specifically, a tomato crotch blossom.  not sure if that's the technical term, but that's what i call it out loud when i'm all, OOH, CROTCH BLOSSOM! then i pick it off.  it's that little shoot growing on the left between the main stem and a 'branchy' part of the tomato.  i clearly don't know much about tomatoes, but i've heard to pinch those off so the tomato puts more energy into growing fruit than leaves.  so i do it.

my weirdly artsy photograph of a pea plant. 

a tomato surrounded by crushed up eggshells and photobombed by my foot.

and just in case you were all, 'oh my word paige van voorst has the greenest thumb ever now that she learned the secret garden supplement that is water,' this little guy is here to correct you.  he's all, 'look at meeeee i'm a crustycrust pea plant!'  RIP crustycrust pea plant.

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The Crislers said...

I must see this garden in person, stat.