the weekly 'whut up.'

(once, todd and i stayed at a hotel whose huge sign out front said, "WHUT UP. LOW RATES."  if it's good enough for inner city des moines, it is good enough for the van voorsts.  also there was a car full of people blazing up in the parking lot.  it was actually a pretty nice place on the inside though.  smelled kind of like sweat, but what hotel doesn't?)


what were we up to this week?  well friend, buckle your seatbelt; this week was crazier than a wild-eyed stallion.  (right there i could have said something less awkward, but you know what?  i'm going for it and 'wild-eyed stallion' is the official comparison for the week.)  our week was very full, ergo this post is very long.

on saturday, the family went to Jethro's, a semi-local BBQ place that landed itself a starring role on "man v. food" and the #1-in-the-midwest spot on men's health's list of 'manliest restaurants in america.' 

anyone else find it ironic that men's health posted this list in their nutrition section?  i would think so, considering todd ordered a sandwich that contained a dinner plate-sized pork tenderloin, a huge mound of pulled pork, a bunch of smoked ham, and about a quarter of a pound of bacon.  and a tiny-in-comparison bun.  we went for father's day, which seemed fitting.

while there, i lost the right half of one of my favorite pairs of GIANT dangly earrings.  i only realized once i got home that i had been walking around looking like elton john all morning.

also while there, we eavesdropped on a table of guys who said they don't date nurses anymore because nurses are always so pesky about making sure you don't have any STDs.  and i was all, GAH I HATE NURSES ON YOUR BEHALF!  (actually, i was really all, let's move tables before our ears catch whatever those guys have.)

okay.  the rest of the week.

wednesday morning, i battled this (and by battled, i do mean ran away like a coward and that thing may or may not still be stuck in our window):

now, this photo is misleading because, although it has the whole car and the whole beetle in it, the beetle is facing me and raised up trying to assess how to best leap at me and bite me in the jugular.  this photo is a little more accurate, although the whole car isn't in it:

i like this photo because it looks like the car is zooming in from out of nowhere to take the beetle out at the knees.

man, you sickos were all about seeing that photo.

thursday, FINNEAS CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH.  yeah, really.

also on thursday, i locked myself and atticus out of the car at aldi, and couldn't call todd because my phone was in the car.  so i borrowed a phone from this nice old hindu lady in the parking lot, called him, and he didn't answer.  i called him again when an acquaintance from church showed up, and he still didn't answer.  he called the number back a few minutes later after i called the 89-year-old neighbor lady to see if she could come over and knock on the door to make sure he knew i was stranded.  unfortunately, because i had BOTH sets of keys, he not only couldn't get into the lock box where we keep spares, but also couldn't drive the van to get me.  so church lady had to drive me all the way up to our house (12 miles north of town) even though she lives 12 miles south of town and it ended up being way out of her way....a whole debacle.

WHOA.  and that was our week.  now it's your turn to answer the poignant question: 'whut up.  low rates.'


Ted n' Tiff said...

awesome photo, I knew you wouldn't let me down!

The Crislers said...

The matchbox car was a good idea; I would have scoffed at the size of the beetle otherwise.
In other news, I'm going to have to email this link to Derek just so that he can see the photo of that food. Looks right up our alley.

Allison said...

We had a beetle like that in our room the other night! I was sitting at the computer and I heard a buzzing noise and all of a sudden a giant beetle was flying around our bedroom! Eek! They are nasty! I tried to trap it but Andrew made me kill it. So nasty...he lost a leg while I was murdering him.