video vednesday: yes, thanksgiving, i know. turkey is your main dish.

but you know what?  it is not your best dish.  KICK IT!


Jessica said...

UM - is that a German commenting on OUR holiday?! (Or sometype of European...can't quite place the accent. After all, the only accent that really matters is American!)

I digress. Gimme, gimme, gimme BROWN SUGA!

paige said...

as a matter of fact, it IS a german commenting on our holiday. i have to disagree with him on the whole "SPC being the be-all, end-all of thanksgiving fare" thing, but he's german and we all know they sometimes like weird stuff. have you heard their techno?! so i give him grace. he can't help it.

i, for one, would like to write a song called "bacon-wrapped turkey for life." THAT, my friend, is a true american palette: wrap it in bacon and it deserves its own song.

Jessica said...

As a good Midwesterner, I'd say the best thing about Thanksgiving is green bean casserole. Healthy vegetables?
Let's add some gravy and deep-fried onions! :)