so i know i've already beat this dead horse, but...

THIS BEETLE WAS HUMONGOUS.  the fact that i didn't die by beetle bite will probably be the plotline of some movie someday.  once this story has gone viral and morphed into mythology where the beetle ends up being the size of...well, a matchbox car.  because seriously, people, there is no need to exaggerate this in order for it to be the freakiest moment of my life.  (actually, this...and this...and this...were right up there too.  what is it with weird stuff finding its way into our house?  maybe it's god's way of telling me i should start writing movies.)

without further ado, the photo todd took of the beetle once it had no more beetlejuice (you know, beetle lifeblood.  keep up.) left and it was just a sad, disgusting, giant insect carcass:

does that not make you want to throw up slash scratch every inch of skin on your body to get the crawlies off?  just watching todd pick that crispy little corpse up with his bare fingers (HIS BARE FINGERS) made my gag reflex all 'hey! *gag* don't forget about me! *gag*'.  blech.



The Crislers said...

That picture made me laugh SO HARD. And I don't even know why. Something about how one of the beetle's... um, feet, is curled like a dog's while it's lying on its back- it just spoke to me. And now my husband thinks I'm crazy, because he was looking over my shoulder as I was viewing.

YAYA said...

YES... it IS gross, but YOU are a wuss!