visiting the farm

when we went down to my mom's over the weekend, we were able to take the kids to the farm where i buy my eggs to see all the animals.

penelope wanted to prove to the animals that she was a homie.

they got to help gather the eggs.

i got to spend quite a bit of time learning about how to keep chickens...hoping the info will get to be put to practical purpose soon!

atticus driving a golf cart and wearing a hitler-like mustache made of dirt.

penelope preparing to merge.

and just to prove finneas really was there with us the whole time...


whenjeskasparks said...

just when i thought it wasn't possible for you to make an even cuter baby...
i stand corrected.

todd said...

Thank you for posting these pics my lovely wife. How right is Jeska? Finneas is darn tootin cutin!