daily log.

i decided the other day to start a daily log of what we do during the day.  which i realize sounds a lot like a blog...both in that it 'logging' sounds like a grosser version of 'blogging,' and also in that the whole point of the blog is to document our days, right?

well, the blog is just not mundane enough to suit my tastes.  so i've decided to start a pen-and-paper journal that says stuff like, 'mowed the lawn today.  it must not have rained much.  wore ballet flats and that was dumb,' and, 'served burgers for lunch.  success limited.  reverting to pretzels.'

yes, i have decided to commit time, energy, paper and crampy handwriting (due to fancypants fake nails and the world's fattest pen) to this endeavor.  why? because i realize that in six months - not to mention six years - i will have a hard time remembering what life was like right now.  i can't even remember penelope cooing ever.  which i'm sure she did, and not that long ago, but i can't remember.  and it seems like as the kids get older (and more prolific in number), time is just snowballing away from me.  and i desperately want to remember these days - how they really looked, not just the highlight reel.

so we'll see how this effort turns out.  i'm not really one for journaling, especially when i have to write by hand, and i'm not super disciplined about stuff, but it's not hard to just jot quick stuff down as i'm going about my day.  so i'm hoping i can stick with it, because i know i'll be glad i did.

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todd said...

I am very glad you are doing this. It will be a real blessing to us later in life, Lord willing.