two months old!

finneas (or, as i like to call him, 'sweets,' because it's hypermasculine) turned two months old yesterday.  he is getting older, as demonstrated by his spare tire and male pattern baldness. (seriously.  kid is a chunk and kid is balding.)

photos from his official two-month sesh.
he has been cooing and smiling all the time, and he loves sitting in his bouncy seat and kicking his legs to watch the little toys above him clang around.  as for other favorite activities, he likes sucking on his hands, eating every 2.5 - 3.5 hours, and also not dying at the hands of his loving siblings.

he is a great sleeper (for the most part).  he has generally been taking his last feeding around 9:30, eating between 4:30 and 5:00, and getting up for the day around 7:30.  he frequently takes a 2.5-hour long nap in the morning and several shorter naps throughout the rest of the day.  we've stopped swaddling him so he can suck on his hands (he still refuses to take a pacifier), and he no longer likes being rocked to sleep.  (for a long time, i'd swaddle him and then scrunch him up against me with his head on my chest and his legs wrapped up under my armpit, and i'd rock him for three to five minutes, after which he'd be out. cold.)  he just wants to be laid in his bed, where he'll sometimes fuss for a few minutes (but frequently not) and fall asleep on his own.  it's awesome in one sense, but i really miss those five minutes every couple of hours to cuddle him.  not that i can't do it at other times, but it's not the same, you know?

this is his Glamour Shots by Deb 'look of far-off wonderment.'

that stupid 'let's wake up after 45 minutes of napping even though i'm still tired' thing reared its ugly head for a few days, but seems to have retreated in submission for the time being.

he's SUPER chill.  i know i say that about all my babies, but then the next baby comes along and redefines 'chill.'  he just likes to hang out in his bouncy seat or on the floor in the general vicinity of the family (well, more like in the general vicinity of a supervisory and protective adult).  and i hate to admit it, but he's so chill and quiet and content that i have, on multiple occasions, forgotten he was there.

showing off his killer upper bod for all the chicas in the audience.

he ate from a bottle for the first time on saturday so that i could leave him with todd while i got my hair and nails did (because i'm a real housewife of central iowa) and according to todd, he did great.

um, what else am i going to want to remember later on, after i forget most of this season? i'm probably already forgetting something but that seems to be it for now.  all i know is that i'm SERIOUSLY in love and i could just sniff his little head and run my fingers through his barely-existent hair and ogle at his sweet little self all decked out in a plain white onesie all. day. long.


todd said...

He really is an awesome baby!

todd said...

Luckily Finneas is named after a Biblical stud. It would be hard to absorb the fluffiness of "sweets" without a strong sense of manly manliness :)

Allison said...

He's such a cutie! I wanna hold him sometime :)