what we've been up to this week.

what have we been up to this week?  getting our 'suburban white trash' on.

check it out.  we don't have a pickup or a trailer, but we do have massive amounts of yard waste.  so i had the brilliant idea of hauling it to the dump in the kiddie pool...before checking to make sure the pool fit inside the van.  it did not.

i should maybe also mention that we don't own bungee cords or even rope, so we kept the pool on top of the van with plenty of good old-fashioned finger crossing.

the new, cargo-equipped vidivan setting sail on her maiden voyage.

also happening this week?  banana pants.


YAYA said...

Sooooo.... Did the Vidivan arrive at her destination with all cargo intact???

paige said...

you better believe it.

todd said...

Bananapants may be the next best thing to the bananaphone craze of yore.

the crawfords said...

Oh my gosh! we have so much in common! That's where we keep out bananas too!