sand and swim.

this weekend, we took finneas on his first road trip and went down to visit my mom.  after naps on saturday, the kids cooled off by playing in the pool.


check it out.  atticus did not forget to bring his pool face from last year. 


the thing i love about so many of the pictures we got this weekend is that the kids look so joyful!  only kids can be that happy - it's like we forget how as adults.

the kids had a great time digging in the sand, splashing in the water and stuffing their faces with my mom's yummy food.


whenjeskasparks said...

oh the pool face. i love it. :)

todd said...

I love these pictures (and not just because I took most of them).

I love looking back on the life and grace that God has given us in our children.

The flashback (LOST style) to pool face was so amazinng, humbling, and startling all at once.

Sissy looks so young in those pictures from last. Atticus has grown up so much.

I know that "time flies" and "it goes so fast" but IT DOES.

Not so quickly as to not enjoy it though. God is good in helping me love the moments we are having as we are having them and look forward to enjoying them again as we look back upon them someday (like today in looking at the maiden voyage of the pool face).

YAYA said...

The lead in picture is now my desktop wallpaper at the office. It is such a simple reminder of the truly important things God has blessed me with!