gearing up for gardening

so, i've already mentioned that i've been trying to get the garden ready for planting.  and while i haven't planted much yet (i know, i know, i have to get on that), i've been prepping for planting for a while now.

in march, i planted pepper, tomato and basil seeds indoors.  i probably could have stood to put them under a grow light, but with our awesomely huge south-facing windows, i just figured it was good enough to stick them in the kitchen and pray for the best.

so they're still pretty spindly.  and i've been hardening them off this week and they're looking a little more like pre-pubescent seedlings than they are like full-on-facial-hair-stage seedlings, and they appear to be terrified of wind.  and the sun.  so we'll see how they do.  i'm pretty sure the weather is going to shove them into their lockers and/or trash can them.

in addition to these little guys, i have gotten a few things planted so far; some onions, peas, bush beans, and carrots.  the carrots are an experiment: i took a morning and made 'seed tape' (surprisingly not something i found on pinterest), where i made a paste of wheat flour and water, then 'glued' carrot seeds in intensive-planting spacing onto strips of newspaper.  that way i don't waste as many carrot seeds having to thin everything out later, and all i had to do was cover the tape with a thin layer of soil.  i think i have one baby carrot showing itself, but it's too soon to tell for sure.

here's what all i'm hoping to grow this year:

garlic (planted last fall, but not looking so hot right now)
bush beans
cherry tomatoes
canning tomatoes
sweet potatoes
bell peppers
jalapeno peppers (spicy and mild)

so here's hoping for the best.  but even if it up and does awesome, i think i've already experienced the biggest victory of Gardening Season 2012, and that is realizing that i have finally used those springform pans i begged todd for in 2008 because i desperately needed them and would use them all.the.time.

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