check it IZZOUT. (or, part one of the hillbilly chronicles.)

holy cow.  would you look at that?  (not the gazebo-turned-wasp-mansion.  the other thing.)

what is it, you ask?  WHAT IS IT, YOU ASK?!!

that, my friends, is part of my garden.  and also a trench. see?

you see, last spring i read a bunch of gardening books proclaiming the wonder that is the raised bed garden, and i knew that i eventually wanted to garden that way.  as it was, we purchased a house last may and therefore had no cha-ching left in the ol' bank account for such luxuries as lumber and dirt.  so to get a garden in last summer, i had todd till a couple of plots (first one big one, then a smaller one nearby after i got greedy for more vegetables and determined one garden was not enough) and planted the next day.  it was already past the recommended planting times for our stuff, so i just did everything i could to get my seeds in without cutting it too close to the wire.  (also, we must have literally cut it too close to the wire when we tilled, as i keep finding bits of what appear to be phone cable in my garden.)

so.  fast forward to this summer.  i'm still wanting to do raised bed gardening, but i'm unconvinced that i need to pay for anything to do it.  because i insist on being a cheapskate hillbilly.

so let's look one more time at the glorious photo from above:

this whole area was the smaller plot todd tilled last summer.  it's about 9' x 16'.  and all that black gold, iowa tea colloquially called dirt?  all freshly shovel-tilled by the capable, loving, and now manly-looking hands of yours truly.  after i tilled it, i marked off a four-foot strip that was to become the raised bed, then a two-foot strip that will be a walkway.  that way i won't have to walk on any planting dirt, and i ended up with what felt like tons of free dirt to build up my beds.  this single raised bed and trench cost me nearly twelve hours of work...yikes, apparently this might not be the 'cheapest' way to go if cost of labor is factored in. 

um...while the sod strip and that whole other (20' x 16') side of the garden will hopefully get machine-tilled this summer, they'll probably have to wait until next summer to get raised up, unless they go all josh groban and jesus does it for me.  which i've heard is unlikely.

coming next week: parts two and three of the hillbilly chronicles, or: 'where my chickens will live and also the big pile of garbage i put there on purpose' and 'check out what almost gave me tetanus.'  stay tuned.

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the crawfords said...

your wasp mansion would be perfect for a chicken coop! sorry. i just have gardening and chicken coops on the brain.