i should probably move to a bell tower pretty soon to live out the rest of my days in solitude.

two days ago, the inner corner of my eye started hurting.  i figured it was just from rubbing it too much and/or bawling like a baby during finneas' overnight feedings.  i swear i cry more these days than finneas does.  then last night my eyelid started to swell, and by 3:00 this morning, it was all droopy and so swollen that my eyelashes are curling in toward my eye.  it hurt so bad that i couldn't get back to sleep, and so at 5:00 i just decided to cut my losses and get out of bed.

which is why i am awake at 6:30, trying to peer through my huncheye to write this blog, and why my floor is freshly mopped and my windows are freshly cleaned and also i'm getting pretty well near enough to legally blind to not appreciate any of that.

maybe later today, once the sun gets its lazy patooty out of bed, i'll take a picture chronicling The Eye.  you'll see what i mean.  be prepared to fill with pity and disgust.

any doctors in the audience?  any hypochondriacs with a finely tuned webMD navigational skill set?  seriously, i look like a hot mess...and also it hurts, which is of secondary import.

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YAYA said...

Heat packs! Soak a washrag in water as hot as you can stand it and hold it on your eye. Refold periodically to keep the heat going. Try to manage this for at least 15 min every 2 hours. If it is a blocked oil gland or tear duct the warm moisture will hopefully hope to relieve the blockage, but will be incredibly soothing... also NO CONTACT LENSES!